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Napkin by myownmuse Napkin :iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 5
Red Gypsy
Paint stories with your cards
The cups spilled over into the bay
The swords are all stuck in the sun
And the fool has lost her virginity
The tower is tumbling upwards
Over that self-righteous justice
While the wheel of fortune laughs
Into the face of the moon
Don't come into the house
There's no place to put your shoes
Besides, they're all down at the bar
Throwing back drinks in all their glory
You're a mystery with red lips
Waiting in the backyard for the dogs
The clock hands spin past that ocean
Between the edge and the hour hand
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 1
Mature content
Child Mirror :iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 1 6
The little girl with the sandwich bag drops cookie crumbs down the storm drain while singing, "Here's some for you Gramma, since you got washed away."
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 2
Mature content
Love - Zenith :iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 4
In the Shade
     The wet ridge flows and falls near the span. The wet makes the wood dark and weak. I cross the span on bare feet with my tough soles. The stiff skin bends on the rocks and grass as I walk next to the trees.
     The bark peels off in my hands and it sits in my palm. I watch the wood die in my hands. Then I crane my head back to search the branch sky. Fade the blue and add streaks of dull brown. Mix it with hints of spring green high in the sky. Buds of red and faint pink poke their keen heads past the branch out in to the air. They show how to be full of life and drink the sun.
     My feet sink in the foam of moss. Scant sun to reach, but there is shade to bathe the life. Cool and damp shade that slips down pores past the blood, through the heart. I stand in the shade and sniff the earth hid by the warm sun. I root out the scents that lie deep in the soil. I walk with slow steps in to the light. I note how
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 6
Swing Set
    A sister and brother swung on the swing set in the back yard, and each reached the opposite apex at the same time she stared at the ground while the wind floated secrets upon the current.
    The brother said, don’t the swings like it when we push them into the sky, and skip through the air with eyes that glitter in the buttercups?
    I am the minute hand tallying the hours of uselessness, said the sister.
The brother said, does all grass die around our feet from the colors in our soles that blind the photosynthesis into hibernation down in the dirt to the upside down anthill?
    I am building a tumbling clock tower where the numbers and hours disappear, said the sister.
    The brother said, let us jump into orbit and discover the story that will revive the grass and bring the ants to the buttercups.
    Watch, said the sister, our time end.
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 6
Paychecks and bills
Accruing loans
Political parties
Browsing apartments
Full-time jobs
Spontaneous plans
Housing deposits
Term papers
Jam sessions
Cigarette butts
Philosophical debates
Cranberry vodka
Miles from home
New friends
Balanced tuition
Summer breaks
Going insane
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 1 8
Tasty Guilt
Entropy takes everything away
Nothing is left but in the time it takes
to create
Something becomes the other without
It changes faster than a blink yet it
remains the same
Same face, different appendages
Those fingers turn into dreams of life
Images of empty children searching
for everything
The search is in vain because everything
dissolves upon the tongue
It tastes like oranges bakes in the sun
Yet it is not the sun you see
It is the star that germinates inside
the stomach
Pulsing through the veins, eliminating
the whiteness in your cells
It scours the soul until the edges are
Though the entirety is still blemished
beyond repair
Take the body and find a pore that fills
you with hope
Rip it down, tear it into pieces to find
the truth
Feel the guilt
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 2
Maternal Tumor
She spreads the white icing with precision
but never too thin. Round the outside, the
butter knife slides over the layers, coating
the cake. Therapy for the heckled woman
welding the dull blade on the pure sugar.
Her wrist curves, bends to the variations in
contour. Changes position, adds more icing.
Sides are done, moves to the top to continue.
Sweeping, back and forth to completion,
then inscribes a name for the recipient.
Returns to the tub of the icing, some remnant
spoon lick but it is finished. The empty
tub is scraped clean and buried in the trash
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 0
To Ex-Friends
Was it because of jealousies
Pouring from the burbling lies?
You doubted me when I believed in you
I gave praise and in return
My plate was served with criticism
What had shifted and why
Giggling bubbles of memory expand
And inquire the square root of two
Formulaic, we rust into oblivion
Lack of spontaneity and the loyalty in between
Duty – yes, obligation became the end of us
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 2
Mature content
A Brass Knuckles Sorta Night :iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 7
Pratt Pathways
The rain forms puddles and great lakes to block
The path of poor pupils on their short breaks
While fools take care to step on lines and gawk
And friends pick out the real posers from fake
I sit on this park bench and watch them all
With silence as sound, my eyes follow each fall
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 0
Inky Kisses
Your lips are brushing my neck
Fingers dip below the layers of propriety
Breath searches for new frequencies
And upon my tongue is your name
Arch with and over the stirring desire
Into the depths of sensations you provide
A point of bliss so high above this reality
I must spiral down slowly to save my pounding blood
My soul and body are satisfied
Yet I yearn to repeat and find
Those inky kisses on my thighs
:iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 1 13
Soft Edge by myownmuse Soft Edge :iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 5 Silent Layers by myownmuse Silent Layers :iconmyownmuse:myownmuse 0 2


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Well....the boyfriend is getting a kitteh....which translates to ME getting a KITTEH!

Yah, his cousin's cat just gave birth to a litter of five on Thursday (three black and two tigers aka grey with black stripes). The one that my boyfriend picked out is a tiger with a white face and paws. The kitties are too young yet to determine gender so we will see if it'll be a boy or girl. So, voila! After almost two and a half years of me pestering him to get a cat, he finally caved :-D

Boy names:
Aidan (little fire)
Teagan (little poet)

Girl names:
Bree (exalted one)
Sophia (wisdom)
Chloe (young shoot)
Emily (rival, emulating)

EDIT: It's a girl (the only one actually). I get to see her Easter weekend! SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!


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